Our People

OneWorld Health employs more than 175 local staff. Our employees come from diverse backgrounds, but we all have one goal: to provide quality, affordable healthcare to the underserved.

Board of Directors

  • OWH - List Item Icon White Mitchell Harper, Chairman
    Company: Mitch Harper and Associates
    Title: Founder and President
  • OWH - List Item Icon White Matt Alexander, Co-Founder
    Company: FITS Technologies
    Title: Managing Partner
  • OWH - List Item Icon White Edward O’Bryan, M.D., Co-Founder
    Company: Medical University of South Carolina
    Title: Emergency Medicine Faculty
  • OWH - List Item Icon White Glenn Cunningham
    Company: Cunningham and Associations Inc.
    Title: Owner and CEO
  • OWH - List Item Icon White Terry Dixon, M.D., Ph.D.
    Company: Medical University of South Carolina
    Title: Pediatrician, Infectious Disease
  • OWH - List Item Icon White Kevin Kampe
    Company: Womack Machine Supply
    Title: President
  • OWH - List Item Icon White Mark Brinkmoeller
    Company: International Interfaith Peace Corps
    Title: Vice President

U.S. Team

  • OWH - List Item Matt Alexander, Co-Founder
  • OWH - List Item Ed O'Bryan, Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer
  • OWH - List Item Michael O'Neal, Executive Director
  • OWH - List Item Tyler McCoy, Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations
  • OWH - List Item Aaron Stroud-Romero, Vice President of Field Operations

Get to know the dedicated people behind OneWorld Health

Doctor helping young patient.

Nicaragua Team

  • OWH - List Item Danelia del Carmen Jiron de Blandon, Director of Operations
  • OWH - List Item Carlos Perez, Chief Financial Officer
  • OWH - List Item Roberto Gomez, MD, Medical Director
  • OWH - List Item Oscar Ibarra, Senior Manager for Marketing and Volunteers
  • OWH - List Item TJ McCloud, Regional Director of Central America

Uganda Team

  • OWH - List Item Patrick Byamukama, Regional Administrator
  • OWH - List Item Baluku Hagai, Business Development Officer
  • OWH - List Item Denis Kayumba, MBchB, Head of Medical Department
  • OWH - List Item Daniel Masereka, MBchB, Preceptor
  • OWH - List Item Bernard Bakirana, Accountant
  • OWH - List Item Sister Fiona Prisca Akullo, Nursing Officer
  • OWH - List Item Lilian Nyandera, Project Coordinator, Bulima
  • OWH - List Item George Muzoora, Project Coordinator, Kijunjubwa
  • OWH - List Item Sylvia Atugonza, Project Coordinator, Bweyale