Team Uganda: Sunday Funday

Mar. 11, 2019

Excited to kick off the blog posts of the week with highlights of our day and the transformative week that is in store.

We arrived at Central Inn at 1:00am today after traveling 24 hours. Fortunately we were welcomed upon arrival with Uganda’s best 1:00am chicken wings. We all met our roommates shortly after and snuggled under our mosquito nets for the night.

After a brief nap, we were diving back into a healthy serving of pancakes, sausage, nutella, and instant coffee only to face our final leg of our journey: 4 hours from Entebbe to Masindi. We packed into our vans, watched the bustling city turn to arid countryside, saw giant termite mounds and longhorn cows that would make a Texas longhorn quiver.

We checked into our rooms at Masindi Hotel, ate another fantastic meal and then toured Masindi-Kitara Medical Center. We learned just how impactful the OneWorld Health organization has been in creating a sustainable hospital with limited resources. Truly amazing how many lives have been saved through the maternity ward, multiple theaters (aka operating rooms) and other facilities.

We came back to the hotel to prep materials for the week ahead and waited anxiously for the last meal of the night, starring fire 🍏🍌🍑 (fruit spread).

The final hours of our jam-packed day were spent listening to the heartfelt life stories shared by members of our team. Even without alcohol or any nightcap, we were intoxicated by the stories told by our new friends.

As we tuck the three sides of our mosquito nets under our bed, we look forward to continuing to learn about Uganda, about our OneWorld team members and about each other on this incredible life experience.

+ Muda Khan, Consultant, Illinois
+ Alex Hymanson, Senior Consultant, Washington D.C.

OneWorld Health | PHOTO-2019-03-10-14-32-53
OneWorld Health | PHOTO-2019-03-10-14-39-18