Team Uganda

Sunday Funday

Dec. 10, 2018

Last night we were blessed with the rains down in Africa! The rain was a constant flow with some of the loudest thunder that we’ve ever heard. We woke up for the breakfast at 6am and then headed off to Masindi!!!

Our 4 hour journey to Masindi was eye opening and anything but ordinary! The amount of people and animals everywhere was impressive and all the Boda-Boda’s (motorcycle taxis – completely loaded with people and items)! For the first timers in Africa it was unlike anything we had ever seen. While extremely poor and disheveled it was amazingly beautiful at the same time. Something that can’t really be put into words, but has to be observed in person.

Upon our arrival we walked to and toured the Masindi-Kitara Medical Clinic. The campus was impressive and the massive growth over the years is remarkable. It’s amazing to see a fully self-sustained clinic in such a remote area who are able to provide medical interventions, treatment, medications and even surgical interventions for the Ugandan people.

Our excitement and motivation continued into our preparation for clinic days beginning tomorrow. We organized our supplies and medication and talked about the day aead tomorrow!

We can’t wait to get started and go out into the community tomorrow and experience all that the Ugandan people have to offer.

+Liz Talvitie, Registered Nurse
+Evan Black, Registered Nurse

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