Clinic Day 4

Team Uganda

Aug. 10, 2018

From the start of the day, both my father and I were fortunate enough to be greeted with the warmest of welcomes at our outreach clinic. The line roared with song and cheers; their gratefulness was overwhelming to say the least. This trip has been an amazing experience for us as a student and a physician, as well as a son and father respectively.

After unloading and getting ready for the day, I (Patrick, the student) was whisked away to face a challenge I’ve never experienced before: handling a pharmacy. I’m a biochemistry student and have been blessed to learn about many things throughout my life but, alas, pharmacy stuff was not one of them. Thankfully my team was exceptional in teaching me the ropes and by the end of the day I was able to do things I thought were impossible at the beginning. This whole trip has been a reflection of today because I’ve been fortunate enough to be exposed to a wonderful new culture and learn so many things about myself and the world around me. I couldn’t be happier to share this growth with my father and I cannot wait to be back one day to serve others just as we have been doing all week! This is Patrick’s first trip to Africa but this is my fourth (Dr. Steve). My son was reluctant to come at times due to the fear of the unknown but I knew this experience would be amazing for him. It has been an absolute pleasure to travel with him and show him all the wonderful things here.

Today I worked with Ashley, another student on this trip, along with the rest of the providers. We saw twelve cases of malaria, nine cases of Schistosomiasis (all of them my patients), one typhoid and one case of chlamydia. A young boy faced a severe seizure today and will make it to MKMC for another assessment. All the best to family and friends in Canada and USA from Patrick and Dr. Steve. OnewWorld Health has done an excellent job of keeping us safe and allowing us to serve those in need.

+ Patrick, Undergrad Student
+ Dr. Steve, Family Medicine MD