Team Uganda: Clinic Day 4

Mar. 14, 2019

After 3 full days of clinic, it was clear that the team was exhausted. During our reflection this morning, we were challenged to live like Jesus and to serve each person today in Ntooma with compassion. Although we were exhausted and our feet were tired, the team members treated every person with the same love and kindness as if it was the first day.

It was so uplifting to see this group operate as a well oiled machine when just a few days ago we were strangers. People were familiar with the different roles that they had mastered the past few days and immediately jumped in when they saw a need. We were so efficient, that we were able to treat every single person that we had in line. This gave us the opportunity to treat all of our local volunteers ahead of schedule. The local volunteers have made all of this possible by transporting us, feeding us, and being liaisons between us and the communities we are serving. Joseph even brought us pineapple from his farm and sugar cane to snack on during the day, which was so delicious! We feel so fortunate for receiving their compassion throughout the week.

On the scenic drive home, which was too beautiful to capture on our phones, we reflected on the fact that this was our last full day of clinic and that the trip was coming to an end. We couldn’t believe that we’ve served over 1,200 Ugandans over the past 4 days.

We are incredibly happy to contribute to the sustainable successes of OneWorld Health in Uganda. These people do not have easy access to routine healthcare needs and these mobile clinics are a wonderful opportunity to serve as an extension to OneWorld Heath’s everyday impact.

+ Erika Torres, Senior Consultant, Illinois
+ Ginelle Jurlano, Senior Consultant, Illinois

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