Team Uganda

Clinic Day 3

Aug. 9, 2018

Today was another day in the incredible village of Bweyale. Pulling up for the second morning in a row to a line of people lined around their church, we strove to treat and serve as many as we could.

Today Dr. Brian and Jayme were scheduled to perform multiple surgeries, including an amputation, at MKMC with OneWorld Health’s local staff.

Despite being short handed, the team rallied. Special shout out to the providers as they were two docs and three med students who crushed it today. Working as a cohesive unit, we were all able to serve over 150 patients.

As occurred yesterday, the church leaders prayed over us as we departed. Praying for continued success in our journey to assist those in the next villages. It does the heart good to know Bweyale is a future site of a permanent clinic.

+ Jack, Senior Wealth Manager