Team Uganda: Clinic Day 3

Mar. 13, 2019

Well if Monday and Tuesday required flexibility, Wednesday’s dose of flexibility required group yoga. This was the first time OneWorld Health had the privilege to visit this site. Kabalye is located 20 minutes outside of Masindi on top of a plateau that offered us shade from pine, banana, and fig trees, as well as a beautiful breeze that helped us stay somewhat cool (it’s all relative).

The day started off with some hungry ants that were excellent climbers, but the team got creative and made some fashionable ant prophylactic ankle cuffs using self-sticking Velcro. Pro tip (thanks to Joseph): kerosene is an ant deterrent.

Today’s clinic required mind, body, and spirit:

– Jimmy and his crew worked hard to plan and organize this new site – NOT an easy undertaking! They partnered with Janine and other members of the community to organize the appropriate space for us and spread the word of our arrival.
– Ethan and Marlena uses some deep thought, creativity, and general OT/PT MacGeyver skills to create a “boppy” seat for a three year old girl with cerebral palsy, Shimimu. They used a cardboard box that previously held first aid supplies, duct tape, Coban (for a non-skid bottom), a spare airplane pillow, pool noodles, theraband, and a lymphedema Velcro strap to create a supportive chair with a seat belt (see pictures for final result).

We are so grateful to our bodies for giving us the stamina to treat 388 patients today! Some of our runners walked over 18,054 steps! (Get it, Harnish!)

Our team has bonded throughout the week and our spirit has come together like a well-oiled machine to work as one cohesive unit. We’ve laughed (at Ginelle’s extreme fear of four-legged creatures with long tails), cried (at a baby getting his first pair of shoes – I mean, could it get any cuter?!), and smiled (keep those cool oranges comin’).

At the end of the day, community means more than a group of people that live near each other. It’s rising up as a whole to lend each other a helping hand, facing adversity together with a smile, and sharing one heart with God.

+ Marlena Casey, Occupational Therapist, Maryland
+ Lee Levanduski, Physical Therapist, Florida

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