Team Uganda

Clinic Day 1

Aug. 7, 2018

Today was our first day of clinic, we traveled about an hour and a half on dirt roads and set up in a small brick church. Due to the high need, we saw over 200 patients. There was an immense number of malaria and STI cases that we treated, as well as many serious wounds (that were gnarly). There were many kids in addition to men and women. Many kids, if not sick, played all day with some of our Children’s Therapy team. We had a patient come through with a old injury that resulted in her foot being permanently disfigured and we were able to schedule a surgery for her at the OneWorld Health hospital in Masindi later this week.

We are super excited for what we will see tomorrow as we are going to a different village, where we will serve for two days. Our team is ecstatic to serve and expectant to see what the Lord will do in us and through us as we continue to move through this week. Prayers would be appreciated!

+ Ashley Armas, Undergrad Student

+ Meghan Baske, Undergrad Student
North Carolina

Photo by Barak Bruerd for OneWorld Health