Team Nicaragua: Safe Arrival + Clinic Prep

Jun. 24, 2019
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Early wake up in the sanctuary for some dawn patrol down the road to Playa Santana. Just a little walk to some head high waves coming in hot. Interesting to have the sun up at 5 a.m. Today has been our down day before the week of clinic work, so we have been taking advantage of the remaining swell coming in. The Surf Sanctuary has the perfect setup for accommodating all of us: from rest and relaxation by the pool to some intense ping pong, this beautiful place has it all. It has been great to start getting to know all these individuals committed to serving this week. As an ER nurse back home, I am excited to get to apply a triage process within each community clinic we will visit. A mock clinic was put together today along with organizing all of each team’s supplies. Everybody seems to be looking forward to the week ahead.

+ Jake LaMarre, Registered Nurse, Florida

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