Team Nicaragua: Clinic Day 5

Jun. 30, 2019
OneWorld Health | WhatsApp Image 2019-06-29 at 2.56.10 PM

As we come to the conclusion of what has been a truly amazing week, I’m reminded that it is on “mission”’ together where deep community is found. I can’t believe most of us have known each other less than a week. Yes we served hundreds of wonderful people at our clinics this week. Yes we surfed some amazing waves together. Yes we laughed and cried together as we shared our stories on long bus rides at the end of the day. But the richness of community was found as we lived out our faith and exercised our God given talents together. Together being the key word here. So many of us are going through life alone or with the perception of being alone. On this trip, for one amazing and life changing week, we can say that we were TOGETHER on mission.

For our last day in clinic, we started off things with an impromptu jam session with some of the staff and volunteers on the trip. Who knew there was so much musical talent in this group. We concluded our day watching a surf movie featuring our very own Matt Beacham compete with popcorn! As each day ends and we are one step closer to heading back home, we are all beginning to lament that our time together on mission this week will be hard to duplicate back home. We are grateful for one more day together.

+ Jimmy Kaiser, Christian Surfers US Director, South Carolina