Team Nicaragua: Clinic Day 4

Jun. 28, 2019
OneWorld Health |

Today we served 146 men, women and children in rural Nicaragua. Everything is running so smooth that even though tomorrow is our last day I know many of us will not be ready to stop or go home. It’s incredible that we have had so much health, growth and success in reaching remote Nicaraguans. I have no doubt the prayers of our friend’s and families prayers from home are sustaining us and making so much more powerful and effective our efforts.

One patient had been told she had 3 strokes but we discovered and were able to assure her and her family that she had Bells Palsey and give her a better prognosis, but more importantly a hope she and her family hadn’t had for recovery and fear from another impending stroke.

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The partnership between OneWorld health and Christian Surfers has brought together the right group and the right people for “such a time as this.” God has blessed us with community and encouragement and relationships that he had already foreseen, planned and used to show what a good and thoughtful God he is. Being in community in this service and environments allows us to learn from each other and challenge each other.

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Tonight we were encouraged by one of our team to take that opportunity to pray with our patient if we hadn’t taken that leap yet. It can be a scary thing to walk out in faith and our team’s witness to each other has grown our faith and stretched out of some comfort zones that needed to be challenged.

+ Jane Anne Sweeny, Registered Nurse, South Carolina