Team Nicaragua: Clinic Day 4

Aug. 17, 2019

A Smile Goes a Long Way

We ended day four in Nicaragua with our usual dinner, shout outs, and life stories. The stories we have learned about each other have brought several smiles, laughs, and tears. It has given us the opportunity to pray for each other, allowing us to feel God’s presence. Tonight we got to hear a life story from one of the Nicaraguan doctors, Dr. Katherine. Through her story, she touched on how important it is to always smile because you never know when someone may be hurting. How true this is that a smile can bring so much joy to someone, even when you don’t speak the same language. The smiles from the people of the Nicaraguan communities have shown joy, gratefulness, and the light of God’s work being done through us.

Haley Smith, Microbio Lab Leader

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Hands and Feet of God

Another opportunity to be the hands and feet for God. We went to an area about 45 minutes outside of Chinandega. Right from the beginning, you got a sense of the sweet spirit in this community. As we registered, triaged, and treated these brothers and sisters, they expressed sincere gratitude. The day was less hot than yesterday. I’m not sure if it was due to the nice breeze coming through the church, or lower temperature, but either way, it was an answered prayer. At the end of the day, I witnessed so many receiving their medication and beautiful prayers. They were excited and so thankful that we had come today. God is so faithful. Today we all leave blessed to have known these beautiful people and given the humbling opportunity to serve.

Brad Blevins, CHI St. Joseph Health Manager

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