Team Nicaragua: Clinic Day 3

Jun. 27, 2019
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During my first medical mission trip, Michael Overcash shared a quote that has stuck with me for life: “Once your eyes have been opened, there are things you cannot unsee.” This quote has been my driving force in mission work and led to increased compassion in all areas of my life.

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This trip has shown each of us things we cannot unsee and will carry with us for life. With every patient encounter, we are looking into the eyes and souls of these precious people and the experience is changing both of our lives.

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We had another wonderful day of clinic and provided free, high quality medical care to 131 patients. There were so many impactful moments today, from a PA dis-impacting an ingrown toenail to a chiropractor helping a patient regain shoulder movement to team members praying over patients to an OT working with a severely developmentally delayed toddler to the glasses station helping people to regain sight.

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The scenery is absolutely amazing and we have been blessed with the opportunity to enjoy the beach and surf every morning. We are surrounded by God’s beauty in every moment.

+ Melissa Turpin, Occupational Therapist, South Carolina

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