Team Nicaragua: Clinic Day 2

Jun. 26, 2019
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First off, Feliz cumpleaños Andy!!

It’s day two of clinic and our team trekked a short distance inland to a lush rural community outside of Tola. On the bus ride in, we share stories of our families back home, personal testimonies of Christ, meaningful patient encounters and goals and hopes for the day. We set up shop at a beautiful church, Inglesia Bethel Fuente de Santidad. We were greeted by many vibrant faces and niños dancing and laughing among the shaded trees. Having one day under our belts, the team was functioning like a well-oiled machine. We were able to see every patient that walked into clinic, serving 125 people.

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I wanted to share one meaningful encounter about a young 15 year old girl with personal strength and faith that overwhelmed my heart. She came in to the clinic with complaints of heart palpitations and chest pain. Through our conversation she reveals that she just left home and moved to this new village one week ago after suffering years of physical abuse. Tearfully she expresses shame and guilt for not wanting to return to her Mother who is threatening to disown her even though she still lives in this disheartening and unsafe situation. We’re holding hands, tears well in my eyes and she looks at me, nods and smiles. She proceeds to comfort me, telling me that although she knows times are difficult, she will be okay because she accepted Jesus into her heart 6 days ago and she has faith in His plan.

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I was astonished and humbled that a 15 year old girl who has faced more challenges than I could fathom was inspiring me with her steadfast faith. In those few vulnerable moments, she gave me more than she’ll ever know.

Although we travel down here with the intention to serve the beautiful people of Nicaragua, it’s amazing how much they teach, inspire, serve and love on all of us.

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Once we returned home from clinic, many team members grabbed surfboards and ran to the beach to play and bask in the last afternoon rays before the sky exploded into beautiful hues of blue, purple and orange as sun tucked itself away among the clouds.

It was truly a magical day!

Signing out for now,

+ Kristin Calandra, Physician Assistant, South Carolina

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