Team Nicaragua: Clinic Day 1

Jun. 25, 2019
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Today was a long day and I’m going to explain what we did. Today was long, but fun.

My favorite thing we did today was surfing. The waves today were big but fun. I rode one wave the whole time we were at Mag Rock then I got smushed, so I went and sat on the beach with Kim and Melissa.

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Another thing we did today was work at the clinic. The clinic was super fun, but tiring. I worked at the registration. I took people’s weight and height. During clinic, I met a 3 year old named Steven and he started talking to me. He was super cute and funny. Clinic was very tiring because it was hot and I didn’t drink that much water.

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Overall, today was really fun. Nicaragua has been great, beautiful, and AMAZING! So far, I don’t want to leave, but back to the ending… I love Nica so far and tomorrow will be another adventure!

+ Kaitlin Ramey, Middle School Student, South Carolina

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