Team Costa Rica: Clinic Day 4

Feb. 24, 2019

This trip is rocking our world!

Today the group traveled to La Carpio where we were able to serve 129 members of the community. We had a rough start to the morning, but we were able to SFINC (smile, flexibility, improvise, no complaining) our way through it.

Once we arrived at the clinic site there were patients anxiously awaiting our arrival. Due to the fact that we were at a new location today we had to set up all of the different medical stations. While setting up all of the children were very excited to see us and couldn’t stop smiling and waving.

We were graciously served lunch by one of the translator’s moms, and we still haven’t stopped talking about those delicious beans. It has been such a privilege to have such wonderful, homecooked meals all week.

The group definitely sweat it out today due to how hot it was in the church we set up in, but that didn’t stop us from providing amazing care to the wonderful people of La Carpio.

Tomorrow will be a bittersweet day as it will be our last day serving medical care in Costa Rica; however, we are so glad that we have been able to make an impact on these local’s lives.

+ Meredith Kelderhouse, Pharmacy Student
+ Jessica Boseman, Nursing Student

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