Te Amo Nicaragua

Meet Glyssey

Jul. 19, 2018

With five OneWorld Health pharmacies in Nicaragua, Glyessy Zarate has a big job. As our Pharmacy Supervisor, Glyessy makes sure that all our pharmacies are well stocked, that our pharmacists are well trained and that we’re providing the products and medicines that our communities truly want most from an area pharmacy. On top of that, Glyessy and Dr. Lacayo, our Medical Director, are leading the efforts to purchase 3 –months of emergency inventory for each of our pharmacies, in case of product shortages caused by the current political and economic crisis in Nicaragua.

Glyessy, who has been with us in several roles of increasing levels of leadership since first starting with us first in Sébaco, has done an excellent job helping us be as efficient and prepared as possible for a time like this. We hope to never need that emergency stock, but the fact that our staff is actively preparing for it shows their deep commitment to helping OneWorld Health navigate these difficult times. We’re so proud of our pharmacies, our pharmacists and the impact that having affordable, quality medicines and health care is having on the communities we serve.

Help us help the people of Nicaragua in their time of need.

Photo by Kristine Wager for OneWorld Health