Te Amo Nicaragua

Meet Dr. Hernandez

Jul. 19, 2018

Of all the services that OneWorld Health provides at our Nicaraguan medical facilities, ultrasounds make up more than 30%. Patients rely on us for affordable, dependable diagnostic services that they can’t easily get from government or other private providers.

But when Nicaragua’s current political crisis unfolded in April, those services were at risk. You see, our excellent Sonographer and General Practitioner, Dr. Emmanuel Hernandez, lives 45 minutes away in Leon with his wife and brand-new baby. In normal times, he can easily commute back and forth, but with multiple protestor roadblocks between Leon and El Viejo and scarce public transport options, it has become a challenge for Dr. Hernandez just to get to work. These days, it’s not unusual for him to take a bus part of the way, a taxi for another part and then hop on a motorbike if the roadblocks aren’t allowing cars to pass through.

Dr. Hernandez and many of our other staff continue to show deep, inspiring commitment to the core values of OneWorld Health, serving others admirably under the stress this difficult time presents. For our part, we are committed to help our staff continue to overcome these challenges, so they can safely continue their important service to our patients.

We continue to pray for peace and stability in Nicaragua, and we ask you to join us in prayer and support for our important mission to provide quality, affordable healthcare to those in need.