Te Amo Nicaragua

Meet Dona Rosa

Jul. 19, 2018

Doña Rosa lives a few blocks from our OneWorld Health medical center in Tola. At 68, she lives alone with her three rescue dogs, earning a tiny income selling homemade banana vinegar from her porch. However, her primary income comes from her children who work in the tourism industry, like many people in the Tola area. They generously give their mother what they can to help her along. Today, we’ve become more concerned about patients like Rosa. The current crisis in Nicaragua has nearly destroyed the tourism industry, leaving the many families who depend on it vulnerable. For that reason, our already affordable healthcare prices have been further lowered at our Tola facility to ensure that price isn’t a barrier to high quality health care. In the coming months, we know our services and staff will become even more important to the local community, and dropping prices is just one way we can show that we care and value our communities’ health above all else.

We invite you to join us in prayer, encouragement and financial support.

Photo by Lawton Miles for OneWorld Health