Team Uganda

Clinic Day 4

Dec. 17, 2018

Today was my favorite day so far. I was doing height and weight for all of the amazing patients; this is the first interaction they have with us and their smilies are always unforgettable. Despite the circumstances that bring them to us, the people of Uganda are filled with a spirit of happiness that is undeniable and infectious. It fuels me to give my best to them, despite how tired I may be feeling in return. Not all of them speak the same language or come from the same village, but they share a sense of peace and community that is exemplified when a mother’s baby needs to be held while she is being weighed or when an elderly lady needs help walking to her chair. When a child is crying and needs to be distracted or when a shoe is left behind.

In a similar way, our team does not come from the same city or share all of the same interests, but with a common passion of serving others, we have come together as one community. A community with a foundation of love mirrored by the greatest love of all, the love of Jesus Christ. I see this love in the smiles of all the people we help, and if nothing else, that is enough.

+Caroline Edgar, Blackbaud Support Analyst

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